Well yesterday went great at school , I think I am finally getting the Algebra thing , I am thinking that the extra help that I am getting  and I am or seem to be more able to concentrate since I am taking Ginkgo Biloba 1000mg a day . My memory seems to retain information better . \"\"So yesterday I treated my self to a Beta fish , he is beautiful and so attentive to me when I am looking at him in his bowl . I named him Fynnster , because he has the prettiest finns. They are peach color outlined in dark blue . He is so very active and the Pet store said he has a few years ahead of him as long as I take care of him the way they suggested . It is so cute my friend's cat Foxxy , I also call her mine too because I take care of all her needs and she is very attached to me besides. However she seems so docile but for some reason Fynnster has caught her attention , more than I expected . She actually will sit on the floor in front of the stand where his bowl sits and will watch him for a while , so intrigued by him .  I told her she better not even think of dipping into his bowl with her paw , and if she does I am  going to give her a taste of the outside world , which she has never been outside except in a cat carrier to travel .

Oh well it is time to cook Big Poppa his dinner , sometimes he acts like a hungry bear and there is nothing more unattractive then a demanding hungry man !



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