this is a part of my page here onj the Tribe. just wanted youi to knowe that I have moved to Kaneohe Hawaii and recovery here is great,,,,,

was a doper from 1967 to 1989, my drug of choice was any, more and yours. i did not share mine because i was like most a selfish stingy doper and always had better stuff than you could ever find. most of the drugs i used they don't even make any more. i have 4 children. john is 36 and lives with his wife kimberly and my grandkids, tyler, mystree and jaysdon in nebraska. shauna is 26 and married and lives in Arkansas. i got to walk her down the isle july of 2008. nick is 25 and lives in Alaska . I am on my 3rd and last marriage. Cheryl and i met on a dating site called the day after 9/11. she has been by my side through hell and back. i picked up my first guitar in late 1967 and have never put it down since. i have played in so many rock bands toured alaska, canada, the pacific northwest. i still own 6 of them. i play my acoustic/electric 12 string the most. i have been very active in my recovery. don't let yourself get complacent or think you know everything because if and when you do i will be there to hand you a welcome chip.I have gone through 22 surgeries in the past 24 years.with 6 years clean i became an insulin dependant diabetic. i guess that was God's way of showing me his sense of humor. 25 years ago i would have killed for one syringe and now i have 600 under the sink and can't get loaded. is that [email protected] up or what? 8 years ago i had upper cervical surgery where they fused discs c-2 and c-3 and then plated disc's c-4 and c-5. 6 years ago in january of 2007 i had a major heart attack and had to be flown to Las Vegas for a triple by pass. in January of 2008 i had a minor heart attack and had to have one of the by passes repaired. this January i had to have an angioplasty to blow plaque out of another vein in my heart. December 13th 2010, i had another heart attack and two days later another angiogram. i have the disease of bi-polarism and have for the past 30 years, i served two terms in Viet Nam and also suffer from PTSD. i attended my first 12 step meeting at 17 and did not make it back for 17 years. i got clean at the age of 34 and in sept. i turned a gratefuly clean 58. . so believe me when i say That recovery is a journey not a destination and use the rest stops God provides along the way.i am on Facebook as JJ DeTemple……..


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