It was.. 2 years ago this July… there me and my friend were, in Danville, Kentucky- meeting Johnny for the first time…when my mom took the picture of me and John- he asked me… "When will you break out of that shell?" I didn't understand what he meant by that at the time…honestly- nearly 2 years later- I think he sees/saw me better then I see myself… (no wonder I count him as one of my close friends…even if it's through FB messages…. <3 )

Of course- at the time…years ago- I was more…legalistic-esque… I honestly think legalism is some form of OCD. You know- I think I started really breaking out of that shell in May 2012 allready… watching a movie that was a box office flop in the 70s.. but then- if it's got Johnny in it…if you know me well enough.. I'll watch it… (the last movie I watched with him in it… same decade…yeah I loved it 🙂 🙂 ) (did I mention..I LOVE the 70s… Groovy eh??)

Speaking of shells.. I can't stand seeing close friends of mine… worrying over the pettyest of things… like- what will… THe Man on the Moon think?? (just to show how outrageous that way of thinking is…)

Actually- Legalism nearly destroyed a friendship…ok there were other factors involved there too but….Is worrying over something on a post that was meant to be FUN for Johnny's birthday REALLY WORTH hurting your best friend over?? You know- I thank God for having Johnny as a friend because- I think he had some more faith then I have sometimes that somehow this friendship would…somehow get through all the turmoil me and my other friend had not very long ago…

I wish more people would just be themselves and stop worrying over things!! I know- I'm obsessing over it tonight but….MAN….Knock on wood here… Legalism…can destroy….


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