Hello friends and family, today i am 23 days from 24 years in Narcotics Anonymous. Normally when my clean date comes around i seem to get my creative juices flowing. My name is JJ and I am an ADDICT. 8 simple words that can put fear into every addict around the world. Why do I say that? Well First off I am an Oldtimer not as old as many who came before me but i Have survived 22 years of serious using and now by the Grace of God and my brothers and sisters around the world i am coming up on another milestone in my Journey. it seems like sometimes we are just on that big hamster wheel called life but with some clean time behind you it will soon be clear that you made the right choice. I got to speak at a very Large treatment center tonight. I have spoken there 3 times since moving to Hawaii. I still carry a positive message of recovery. Yes i can be a hard nosed SOB but that's how I stay clean. I do not BS, I do not sugar coat and I do shot straight from the Hip. Yes I am one of your worst Recovery Nightmares because I am here to F#@K up your next using. that has become my sould purpose in life. We come into these rooms and we look around and say I do not belong here. sure we come a diverse back ground. Some of us are Old Radio DJs and Guitar Players like myself, some are nurses, Dr.'s, Pilots, Mechanics, and the list can go on and on. but when we finally get sick and tired of being sick and tired we finally come to the conclusion that I need to make changes in my life today. First do not ever think you will get clean overnight. it takes Hard work, dedication, The Desire, the willingness to accept your new lifestyle. I am goign to say that it was easy to make it to this point? No it has not but make it I did. Why you might say? because I can. Relapse is not an option in my life, being misrable is not an Option either. If you have decided you want the peace and serenity that some of us Old Jurassic people have do not leave 5 minutes before the miracle begins. it's up to you to get involved with your recovery. we do not stay clean by osmosis. Damn right it's hard work but for those who truly want it. Then it is there for the taking. I ask if your new to Recovery then give this simple Spiritual Program we call Narcotics Anonymous One year. If you do not like how you are after one year clean then we will refund your misery 100 Percent. I hope you got something out of this besides the fact that it's a bit long winded. Remember Recovery is a Journey Not a Destination and use the Rest Stops God provides along the way.

NA Hugs,

from A member 4 Life,



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