At 12 yrs old I suffered a singular indecent of childhood abuse from my mother. Up until that fateful day I never experienced an enema. On that day I experienced, pain. embarrassment, sexual foundling, shock, anger, fear and the emotional anguish changed the very fabric of the boy That is the last day I would identify as a male heterosexual boy.

Years of confusion, then decades of making a madding mess of my life followed because of a childhood PTSD indecent of hell. I understand the whole mess of making a life out of a jumble of mismatched peaces of utter confusion.

Enter Buddhism, total excommunication from my childhood indoctrination as a Christian…thank Godlessness…LOL.
Be free as the queer I have become. Learn, love and be forgiving with a attitude of gratitude.
Peace is the way. Within and without let peace and love win the day.

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  1. ladylaurenstars 4 months ago

    I also suffered through years of child abuse. My father was also a stage 4 alcoholic. Now is has cancer. I am also a victom of rape and a lesbian now. I understand what your going through all the pain and trauma growing up was awful. My mother admits that’s all her generation knew how to do to us kids. I never hit my kids. I always put them in time out. I have not spoken to my son since Christmas and it been months from my daughter.

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