So I was informed by my Haven For Hope (H4H) case manager that I have to move out or be kicked out. He wants me to move out on a Section 8 Voucher while I have no income to pay rent. If I don't find a place that will take me, I will be exitted from the campus. If I do Section 8 and get an eviction, which is 100% right now, I will lose it for atleast 5 years, losing also any chance to get to my little daughter, who is in Illinois. I can try another option, that would pay my full rent for 1 year, but he is unwilling to accept this compromise. I am now working to get back into the Mental Health dorm, where he has told me in so many words that I belong there being Mentally Ill, or Safe Haven. All while working to get with a Peer Support Specialist and work on speaking with his supervisor again. Last time, it went nowhere, so I do not expect this to be any different. It has caused me to lose sleep, and with the sleep loss and impending loss of getting to my daughter, which this is the closest I've gotten to being able to be with her in 13 yrs, my depression which is psychotic, and my dysthymia have gotten worse. I was very confrontational with him, this past Monday, and I'm not sure what will happen, when I meet with him this coming Monday, along with the suicidal thoughts getting worse, are homicidal thoughts because, even while it is indirect, this is what my ex wife/ her mother has been working towards for 13yrs, and he's trying to complete what she has been trying to do, even though indirectly, I don't know if I can do this again. I don't know what will happen on Monday, whether I will end up in CTU or jail or neither. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

  1. sasha1969 9 years ago

    If you are hospitalized, you shoot up the list for help.  you may get a case worker through mental health immediately..


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  2. Andruzko 9 years ago

    I have a case manager on the Mental Health side already, she is trying to get me into Safe Haven or back into the Mental Health dorm

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