well here gos nothing,over the pst few years so many things have happened to me i jsut dont know what to do anymore !et started with me having back surgey that left me unable to work anymore and then i found out that i have fibommagi(which hurts everyday as well) then on jusly 7,2007 i lost my only sibling very fast with no warning!! my big brother he was only 43 i have my mom and dad but to see the pain hurt and disapointment in there faces is so hard to do so i try not to go around but then again i have no one that understand the lonelyness would be soooo hard of losing your only brother my only sibling peroid!! so know iam am all alone! i have great husband but he works for many hours so hes not connected to our familylife anymore which and when i say anything he always stells me iam OK but i do not feel ok i feel empty lonely and lost! i use to be on the go always getting things done from painting the house to yard work to cooking dinner that has all stoped hell i can t even take a shower everyday anymore and i use to take 2 atime no days go by without one! why bother no one comes around and i just sit and watch tv all day!!ive tryed going to counciling but u have to go put get dresses all that and i just dont have the drive anymore and thats the worst that my drive is gone i can not even get motavated todo anything anymore whatis wrong woth PLEASE someone i feel sooooo sooo empty like i have nothing left to make me happy to make me push on!! so i am tring thi well write later -bye

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  1. lostsoul2007 12 years ago

     thank you beilvie me i have had blood work ,pt ,ive done everything i can yet iam still just blaaa my family tells me iam fine but i just feel like i cant get motavated no matter how hard i try and if i do finallly do something iam laying down for the next wk because  of pain levelso high i dont want to move iam already taking meds and they dont even seem to help any more because been on them for so many years i would do any thing to sleep alnight with out waking up in pain i just want to be me again and i feel like iam never going to get there but everyday i think its a new day but end the same way over and over with nothing done .(and yes i even did see a counsler(which i thought was a joke)it didnt make me feel better at all dont mean to be such a downer but i feel as though i have tried everything out ther thats why iam here:) and hoping it will work!:)

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