Just wanted you point out something that didn’t make since. To all that have seen my blog and replied. Thanks! I love to hear what others think because I know from experience that what I think or perceived could be wacked!!! Let me just try and explain what I was trying to say. First I’m NOT GOING ANYWERE. 2. I don’t know anything about the people who created this site. They may be in recovery or they may be in the field of treating addiction and other diseases. That’s why they have all the other TRIBE sites. If that is the case I wouldn’t expect them to understand how easy we (addicts) can be in denial even though a part of us may want to get clean, the disease is strong. I have known many people whose main drug of choice is alcohol and justify smoking a joint now and then. And of course the opposite is true. Many of us that use opiates want to get clean but think a drink will not hurt. Many of us have died thinking this way. I know that I can’t save anyone who wants to get high. I know that I can not make anyone give up there recovery. I’m just not that powerful. When I go to a meetings and I have gone to many in both fellowships (AA/NA) I have NEVER, NEVER seen ANYTHING that promotes using any drugs. I know that this site in not an official AA or NA site because you would never see anything that would confuse a newcomer. I don’t want people to get angry. I don’t want people to leave. I was just making an observation. If it’s on the page some one will read it. Lastly I checked out the website that provides the news feed for our site. It’ called HEALTDAY.com It’s a great site. They provide the news feed for many other sites that have something to due with health. It says that any site that uses their feed can customize the feed to show anything they deem appropriate for that site. So it’s a simple fix. I was a computer programmer for 15 years. Not a big deal. Again weather they do it or not I’ll still be here because I’ve made some very good friends. Stay strong and stay clean ! Johnny Wheels. 


P.S. Mike I know we are getting close beause you made your first wheelchair joke. lmao.   Good stuff. 


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