So, for a while now, I’ve felt like I just haven’t been getting the answers I want on here. Weeks ago, my therapist told me to come here and to hopefully meet some new friends. Ones my age and ones that somewhat have the same interests as me. But, from my experience here, I haven’t met many people who seem to care for me, or haven’t reached out much. Sure there’s one person who I have met a bit, but I don’t feel as connected to them as I should.
But… I think it’s time I moved on. Moved on to new experiences and maybe even take care of myself more than what I used to. I’m not in the best shape for myself and I feel that I haven’t accomplished anything on here in a while. And when I am on here, I seem to feel worse whenever I’m on here. So, I think I might deactivate myself from here and maybe not come on here for either a few weeks or months. Because I want to take more care of myself than more before. I’ve learned to take off my mask and be free with myself. I don’t want to be a shut-in, and I know how scary it’ll be when I move on from here, but it never hurts to try, even if I don’t return, I have to live on, even if I never see the people I met on here ever again….

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  1. gentleeevee 10 months ago

    Hey, if you want… I’m only on the one server I created. It’s about 30 members (at time of writing) and has a family-like feel. If it doesn’t work out then that’s okay, but something to try if you want. Since links aren’t allowed… sorry I tried my best. The first 5 letters of the website url starting with h + [://]

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