not too long ago i was with this guy Let’s call him chair for privacy reasons so me and chair were only together for only like a week or two i tried setting my boundaries with chair and when i told him that i dident like my hair pulled because it gave me flashbacks of a time that still hurts me to think about and u wanna know what chair said to me. he told me that there was no possible way that my hair being pulled would send me flashbacks then 5 min later he pulled my hair i told him that i wanted to talk to him about it and he said he wanted to sleep while i was at his house i then asked him if he wanted me to go home bc i am not gonna be at someones house while their sleeping he of course said no i kept trying to talk to him about him pulling my hair and he refused to talk to me he just kept ignoring me so the next day told him that i wanted to talk to him bc the conversation wasent over he decided to avoid me and when he finally did talk to me he told me that we were done and wouldn’t explain why then like a week after that i tried to ask him why he wouldn’t talk to me and he just played dumb like he dident know what the fuck i was talking about and so now im sitting in the dark with this dude bc i dont think i did anything wrong bc as far as i know he was the one who broke MY boundaries then basically ghosted me with no explanation i dont get it like what the fuck did i do wrong

  1. iris-dar 5 months ago

    Hi Zander, My first question might be obvious but humor me ok? Is “C” human?

    Everyone’s trigger is different, and he keeps tripping yours. Not to b cruel but it does not sound like he cares what u r going through.

    Seriously though, If u two can’t sit down and have a calm and open conversation then nothing will be resolved. Period. Now, ask yourself, are u better with him or without him?

    I’ve been in co-dependent relationships, and as long as we are both tripp’n on something we aren’t talking. Not like a human to a human.

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      zander2024 5 months ago

      1.) yes chair is human i just called him that for privacy reasons
      2.) i know he is not good for me bc he wont even acknowledge my existence any more
      3.) i have moved on
      i hope this answers your questions

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