Well hello one and all. School is going well so far. Of course I'm not really liking the cost, but the tuition and some of the books arecovered by the GI Bill. So no complaints there. I'm just a little tired and worn out is all. Guess I keep going to school to keep giving myself something to do. Although I will say that Photography is by all accounts a fascinating field of study. If it hadn't been for the HIV and the fact that I was burnt out as a provider when I left the service I most likely would have gone for my PA license. Well that and none of my credentials from the service are accepted where I live and I would have had to start all over again. Wasn't up for that. So I'm kind of glad I chose photography.

At this point I'm just trying to figure out If I want to go into debt in order to finish the Bachelorsportion (3rd and 4rth year) of this degree. I'm not quite sure it will be worth it as the medium I want to work in (Platinum printing and Alternative Processes) isn't readily offered any longer at the majority of Photography schools. Then again there is the Price tag attached to moving as well as the insane cost of finishing this degree. That and I'm fairly exausted already from a non-stop pace over the last year and a half. I'm due to finish this portion of the degree in Spring of 2015. I'm just grumbling so don't mind me. Mostly over my mid-term which I turn in tomorrow. It will pass but I'm still not happy about how much it cost my pocket book to finish it. LOL.

Anyhow, Don't mind me. Just a typical college student these days. Guess I have the grumbling part down. Now where did I set my… nevermind. The coffee cup is empty. LOL. Hugs to everyone!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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