Hey & Peace to All.

 I have a few complaints. I am not ashamed of my disease. I try  to be truthful to everyone & all I ask in return is for people to respect my privacy. If not for me, at least for the sake of my kids.Yes, they are grown, but their anonimity means a lot to them and myself. Please don't ask me my exact whereabouts or ask for a picture. Chances are you will not get one or I will give you a fuzzy one. I gladly will accept all the friends who want me as a friend. I can be a good friend. But I am going to have to start deleting friends who constantly ask about my past or want a picture & my name. This is sad for me. It honestly saddens me when I try to be honest about how I acquired HIV. & all I get in return is sexual proposals. Please read my profile better. I am happily married.  I am trying to live where I was born & be out of a spot light, so to speak. I know everyone would like to ask me something, & I will answer as best I can. As long as it does not involve jepordizing my anonimity. If I keep on recieving these in depth personal questions, jepordizing my anonymous location, & personal name & all that , I will have to leave this tribe & I really don't want to, as I have made a lot of nice female & male friends for the first time in my life. If I like you well, I may someday learn to trust people again.

 If you haven't asked me these personal things or I have volunteered them to you, dont worry about it. If however you are in the small minority who has, please delete me from your list.



  1. nonnerdeen 13 years ago

    I'm with piks. Don't let morons run you off. Block em!

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  2. shanna71 13 years ago

     Thank you all,


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  3. shanna71 13 years ago

     My health is ok . 500/undectable. Thanks for asking. I am staying. I just got a bit uncomfortable is all. I am also in a frenzy to move & other mental things. But I am okay. I am staying here. Thank you very much & Peace.


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