well, here I am again, and my mood is still not on the list…but I\'ll tell ya\'ll my mood is agoraphoric….lol and a little depressed, which sucks cause Im never depressed, even before the put me on meds…lol…so I was thinking that while I was away I did have several funny things happen in my life and i just thought I\'d share a couple, especially for my biggest fan and you know who you are sweetie….dang, I cant get my thoughts together to start one…lol…I hate when that happens….hmmm let me see, well, I did get my first ticket for speeding…I always was a late bloomer…lol. …here\'s how it goes…I have this favorite back road I always take to get to Talladega, cause traffic kind of freaks me out…anyway at the beginning i never saw the speed limit sign…until my little friend Rachel got a ticket there…I swear I thought the speed limit was 60mph….anyway…at the beginning of the road it says 45mph….well truely I thought that was just for that little spot….and if you saw this road you would know what I mean when I say it is the perfect cruzin\' road….radio blaring , windows down…haulin ass kind of road…rarely anyone on it and they dont do the speed limit either…so here I am enjoying the ride…when I go up a hill and around the bend, just as a state trooper is doing the same thing….I saw his damn lights go on in my rear mirror and i knew I was screwed….so I just pulled over…and waited…and here he comes…and says mam do you know why I stopped you?( thats real funny cause I stopped myself)  and so I  say not really…lol…he says you were speeding,,,and I say I was? he says yes mam speed limit is 45 here…well I kind of felt like toying with him…and I said are you sure? I thought all these back roads was 65mph…lol he say no we dont have any county roads that are 65….I said well dang  I always go that fast on this road, and everyone else too…I said you know it just feels like a 65 road…lmao….anyway so he wrote me a ticket and I knew he would say somethin\' about my expired tag…lol but that was just cause Tonjia signed the title wrong and so I was waiting for her to sign the affidavit and send it back so I could get it all legal….so I handed him a handful of all the paperwork I had from the DMV.. and he got tired of looking at it and said wellll, I believe you mam, you can go ahead and go ….and you know it was the funniest thing…I swear he couldnt have been more than 22 or so…lol geez Im gettin old, it used to be all the cops were older than me…lol…anyway there is no point to this story except to amuse myself and a few others….by the way I still go 65 or more, I just look around for cops a little more….which does take some of the fun out of cruzin\'…lol…Lots of Love & Light to ya\'ll…Shadow


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