~~ I am deathly afraid of where we are headed as a nation. So afraid I’m ready to get the hell out of here. We’re fighting a war in which there is no definite enemy. They say the enemies are terrorists, and they throw that label on any-thing, or any one that doesn’t agree with the rich “white man’s” agenda. While I believe that over-zealous Muslims are a common enemy of any-one that doesn’t agree with the Muslim faith, I see a bigger more powerful enemy… organized crime on a scale of which we have no real idea the depths of the evil they are capable of… the mob that makes the Italian Mafia shit their drawers… our own U.S. government. And I don’t mean the mere puppets know to the public as the President of the United States of America, or Congress. I’m referring to the unseen upper management know by many names as to be as ambiguous as possible to avoid being brought into the light and reveled to the world. We may never know the names and faces of these anonymous power-hungry figures with a lustful thirst for blood, money, and a virtually un-obtainable sovereignty.
  America today has become, as Hunter S. Thompson so eloquently put it, a Kingdom of Fear… terrorism, war, threats of chemical warfare, all used as the tools to have us willingly give up our rights as free-thinking people, and cower under the “wing of safety” of our government. “Dear God!!! Another shooting! Every-one surrender your weapons as to avoid another disaster of this magnitude. None of you are capable of possessing such protection! We will keep you safe! We will have video surveillance at every corner of the globe! Nothing will go un-noticed to keep the people of America safe and secure. No-one is safe with-out our protection! NO-ONE! Surrender you’re 2nd amendment right, and live in peace and safety under our protection. We will save you! With-out us you are doomed! Submit or else!”
  They know we won’t just give up all our rights all at once. It’s going to take time, fear, and propaganda sprinkled with a false sense of security. So, a national emergency occurs. Now no-one goes un-molested at the airport since 09/11/2001. “Bend over sir.” You hear the nice man in uniform say at the air port scanning station, as he snaps on the blue rubber glove with 2 fingers extended. “Standard procedure.” And what do the majority of us do? We submit. We submit like reprimanded children to the “Uncle” of whom we should never submit to… “Good” old Uncle Sam.
“Oh-No! The economy is in the toilet fermenting in more shit than we’ve seen since 1933! Wait! I know! Let’s throw BILLIONS of dollars at the fat cats that got us into this mess in the first place! That will help the problem. There… every-thing will be okay now folks. Don’t worry. We have this all under control. Oh, and by the way, we’re going to take more of your hard earned money to fix our little screw-ups. Thank you, and have a nice day.”
  I’ve never heard of any-one giving out free money… Ever! There is always a string attached. And in this case it’s only logical to think it’s to eventually repossess the banks when this virtually impossible loan known as the bail-out can’t be paid back… total financial control regardless of the currency to stomp out the dollar.
  That’s right my fellow Americans, we’re in trouble. More than you or I even realize at the moment. So, what course of action should we take? Who’s the enemy? No seriously, who the fuck is the enemy. Sure we can point the finger at our sitting President, but that spineless puppet only does what he’s told. None of the U.S. Presidents will defy upper management since J.F.K. And the only ones that have gotten their hands dirty enough to be picked to run for office already know this I’m sure. So, what do we do? From the looks of things the majority of us are going to make ourselves comfortable in this shit and rot our brains watching stupefying dribble like “Jersey Shore” and “Honey Boo-Boo”. We are so fucked…

  1. shotout760 8 years ago

    Nice rant" lm a punker @ heart!  Dont be scared hummay..theres nothing you can do..with all this money & power,trying to crush us into roaches! We have to change ourselves..red man, yellow man,black man, white man vote as ONE!!

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  2. steveh6873 8 years ago

    The 300

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  3. axle85 8 years ago

     Thanks for the feed back people. Really appreciate it. Shouldn't be long before I go off on another rant.

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