I mentioned yesterday this weekend was said to be very HOT…llike high 90s hot..yesterday got to the high 90s before lunch time and it was very draining on everyone with all the climbing and such..luckily no one dehydrated but on the ALC forums a week in advance everyone was telling everyone else to start hydrating for the weekends rides!! I did so and even though I went out the night before and had no sleep or food at the start of saturdays ride I didnt dehydrate or come close to it becuase I hydrated throughout the week..YEAH ME!! so this morning I decided to wear my bikini top under my jersey for the high temperatures to 1) even out my tan lines (for the vainity in me) and 2) i thought i wouldnt be as hot and sweaty if I had less clothes on haha…I didnt think I would need to strip down till mid day or at least till after lunch but not even 15 miles in and I was pulled over at a 711 buying more sunscreen and takin off my jersey!! Let me tell you the men on the road sure loved it hahaah..I rolled into the first rest stop what appeared to be topless becuase my bikini was sort of taupe and camaflaugy in a weird way against my tan skin..anyways hahaha not gonna get to descriptive there..but…I rolled in and everyone was shocked and talking trash im sure..I saw some dirty looks and heard snickers but I dont care im me..if you dont like it dont look..simple..anyways, so its about 10am and super hot already mid 90s by now…the road was flat till the frist stop but after that its all rollers…they arent to bad usually but after the day before everyone was WORN OUT…we went at a pretty good clip going out of stop one and rolling into the next city I forget what its called right now..but we took a different route then the usual so we had some surprise monster climbs thrown in unexpectedly and it wore us out quick and the heat was reaching close to 100…we were feeling fine still but were getting hungry and tired and took it at a slow pace…there were 5 of us riding together after descending merreau (a dreaded hill on the way back but blessed decent on the way to the lunch stop)…we branched out to about 3 of us riding ahead and we decided to stop in the plaza next to our original lunch pit and got food and drink took longer then we expected and on our way out we actually saw the entire group LEAVING to go back!!! we were confused becuase theres always supposed to be someone waiting in the back for all the riders and all riders must be accounted for before leaving anywhere…we went to the spot we were supposed to be at and two other riders were still behind and we were certain we were the last group..turned out we werent and a few riders had an incident way back to take care of (someone was sick on the side of the road I believe from the heat and the climbs)  so we decided to just wait for them and chill and fuel up and drink up and hydrate becuase now the temperatures were low 100s!!! even in my bathing suit I WAS SWEATING and I wasnt burning or anything cuase I dont burn but I was melting if that makes any sense…drying up like a prune if you will…a well aged prune left on a windowsill for a few days…i drank 3 bottles of water and one of gatorade BEFORE we left and refilled my two bottles for the road…the way back I was VERY VERY SLOW And the heat was getting to me I could hardly peddle or move my legs..all of a sudden and with all that hydrating too..I was fine but it just hit me when the sun hit its high and we had no shade for a while…I told vince to go ahead and i'll catch up if anything happens ill call him from my cell…he went ahead and we agreed to meet at the top of merreau…let me tell you there were sprinklers on the side of the road watering grass…I got off my bike and sat in one for a good few minutes..dreanched my head even my shorts and riding in wet shorts is NOT FUN!! ever hear of Chaffing ya…ugh…its like that times 10! cuase your wearing wet and super clingy shorts in all the WRONG spots…everything dried up quick but those certain spots where well the sun dont shine haha (too graphic…sorry!! ha)…so I hit merreau the sun dried me off right away and im down one bottle and a half of water and gaterade..I have half a bottle of water left to last me 13 miles..its 3 miles to the necxt rest stop but thats at the other side of Merreau and I have to get up and over it first…no sahde…no water..I had just HAD to get up and walk my bike up…I couldnt even do that..I could barely hold my bike and stand..I called Brian and there was no answer so I texted him that i ran out of fluids and wasnt even up Merreau and Im not gonna make it…I try and force myself up to at least somewhere I can pull over and not be standing on the side of a street with no side walk…I make it to almost the top and theres vince and a wooden shelter witha WATER FOUNTAIN on the other side of the road..He had ran out of fluids and walked up the hill as well..he saw me in my state and came over took my bike and filled my bottles and poured water on my head to cool me off..and after a while I was ok to continue…Brian had actually called me and asked me where I was..I aid I was ok and would keep going..we rested for a good 30 minutes maybe more and heading the rest f the 3 miles till we could eat and drink more…brian had called me back when I was at the rest stop and said hed come get me..I wanted to continue but it was probably best I didnt and the poor guy would have to wait for me while I did the last 10 miles to get into finish…so he picked me up and we left :(..I woulda liked to have finished but its not fair to have him wait alone while it took me God only knows how long to ride the rest under circumstances..So next weekend is day on the ride and im all registered and ready to go!! CANT WAIT…its 80 miles from Santa monica to Long beach and then back and its got some good climbs and its fully supported as if were a day on the actual ride…we have rider numbers and everything!!


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