Boy, time sure flies when you remove yourself from the everyday (which is beginging to suck big time)  and try to get things back on track. Well, first, my CD4 are highest they have ever been (yay! progress) and the viral load is "undetectable" (draw your own conclusions to that word). Slowed the dread progression of the "rare arthritis" that has been troubling the knees (yay, physical therapy!). Currently working on another artshow tentitivily set for the fall or early winter. I know, "who the hell has an artshow in the slow season?" Well, that would be me. Yay, going against the norm! It will be a mixed media event. I will have my sculptures, some nude drawings, some traditional Native American art (Zuni Tribe) and some works from other family members, such as pottery, silver jewelry, and Kachina (pronounced: Kah-chee-nah) dolls and perhaps some traditional footwear. So if in the Phoenix AZ area, keep an eye out.

I am sure some of you remember the Turd-ster and his anitics, Well he is back and currently working on some instrumental pieces geared towards some bed time fun. Look out for that. Got another garden going in a different part of the yard. Already got some sugar (pie) pumpkins off the vine as well some cucumbers. The birds have decimated the sunflowers, but that ok as long as they leave my strawberries alone. The new palnts this year are acorn squash and golden potates. The squash is growing like it is on steroids, I can't give the fruit away fast enough. the potato is taking its time. No watermelon this year. I forgot to plant them, silly me.

Well, that was all the update I have so far. Hopefully it will not be such a long time in between, but the grandkids take up so much time and things can be so interesting with them around. Take care all, be safe, be happy. "may all manner of things be well and all manner of things are well"

Travel in happiness,


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  1. Apple71 13 years ago

    Do you have the dates of your art show. Although I live in California my best friend is in Tucson and my honey is in Phoenix. My honey is also Native American and I think this is something that we can enjoy together.  It is wonderful to hear about your counts Cd4 and viral load. MMM Garden fresh veggies. Sounds yummy. My favorite is squash! When I had sunflowers the birds acted like I planted the flowers just for them. lol WEll You take care and have wonderful days… April

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