Ok, so I'm stuck on the song I put in the "Music" box above. It's quite a beautiful song and I can not stop listening to it. I hear it and I picture Eduardo walking towards me. Yes, I"m still somewhat head over heels for him but things are getting better. I did see him about 2 weeks ago when his Triple A team came to Texas and I couldn't help smiling when I saw him pitch. The funny thing is he's been kicking ass in every other game but that particular game he gave up a few hits and a run or two. I don't quite remember but I just remember watching him in awe. I don't know what it is about him. Then after the game I waited for him as usual and he walked out and called me to see where I was and when I got off the car to walk to him I couldn't help look at him longingly as he walked towards me and looked at me with a smile. We were watching TV and laughing and everything and he had his arm around me and holding my hand with the other, he would kiss me every so often. If I could I would just put those few hours we spent together in a loop to play over and over in my head. It was so amazing. The only thing I regret about that trip was not telling him how I felt. I didn't tell him what I had been planning on telling him. Oh another thing that was pretty amazing about our night together was that exactly one month before was our "first date", Right before I left I gave him a charm I had  that said "With God all things are possible" which I thought was fitting since his profession does entail him to put his faith that God will get him where he dreams to be. I saw him in the Future All Stars game and that made me want to cry. What was pretty funny and uncanny was that right before he pitched they had this camera shot on baseball caps and balls on a staircase and I looked at the screen and thought to myself, "Whoever is pitching right now in this inning is going to be my next boyfriend." Then I laughed to myself and I thought, God I wish that would be Eduardo. And low and behold he's pitching. Haha, I thought that was about the uncanniest coincidence that has happened thus far. Yeah right, I wish it would become a reality! The movie I have been watching a lot when it comes out on TV lately is Serendipity. I highly recommend it, its with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale and what happens is Kate's favorite word is Serendipity (which is also the name of her favorite NYC cafe) and she firmly believes in what it stands for- the universe gives us clues as to our destiny. So she meets John Cusack and needless to say over the course of a few hours they fall for each other. She says "If the universe really wills us to be together then I have a proposition for you." She writes her number on the inside cover of "Love in the Time of Cholera" and he writes his number on a 5 dollar bill. She says lets buy something and sell the book and when these items come into our possession (the 5 dollars in hers and the book in his) then that's when we're meant to be together. They split and live their own lives. Well all of a sudden John Cusack starts getting signs that remind him of Kate Beckinsale. He keeps hearing her name and seeing girls that look like her. That's kind of what's been happening to me with Eduardo. Like when I called Sallie Mae yesterday (ugh!) the guy that answered to help me out's name was Edward. Then I'm watching Twilight (I think I've mentioned this before) and of course, the main character's name is Edward and Eduardo calls me "Mi Bella" and what's Edward's counterparts name? Bella. Anyway, I think this is just me overthinking everything but nonetheless I think about him a little less everyday and the pain I used to feel with not telling him how I felt about him is starting to lessen little by little. Oh and I found an interview with him on Youtube and I have to be honest, it nearly brought me to tears because hearing his voice and seeing how he talks and everything (I love the way his mouth moves when he talks) just made me remember everything I had been daydreaming over even more intense since I was able to remember what his voice sounded like (not like I had forgotten or anything, hehe). I do have to say though that I feel this tightening in my chest whenever I see his picture or hear his voice. It's like my hearts tightening up so it can resist any pain. But anyway, I'm going to just listen to my song and imagine Eduardo running to me with open arms. A girl can dream right?


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