I asked for advice on two men I had been dating recently. I got some really good advice from one person and I decided that neither of the men could provide me with what I needed. I have decided to remain friends with both and there luckily are no hard feelings. BUT…My best friend whom I love dearly told me his true feelings for me. He told me he had been in love with me for years but because I have gone through so much he didn't feel it was the right time to tell me. After I told him I decided neither guy was right for me that's when he told me how he felt. I was stunned. Still am for that matter. But the thing is…My friend possesses all the traits I'm looking for in man. He has always been here for me. He has always treated me like a lady and to be honest I secretly cared for him also. I just didn't want to tell him because I thought he thought of me as a sister. Now that we have confessed our feelings we have decided to try out the relationship thing. He is moving back home to be closer to me. I'm so happy that things are finally out between us and that we feel the same. But I am scared. Love hasn't been good to me. I love Roncey with everything I have in me. I just hope it works out for us. He is kind and gentle a hard worker and accomplished. He has always been my boo. Now that we have the potential to be more I'm praying it works. I want this more than I have ever wanted anything in my life and didn't even realize it til he told me his feelings. Any advice

  1. prayingdove40 7 years ago

    Just remember always keep God in your life and in relationship and it will all work out I am praying for you as well 😊

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  2. outsidein 7 years ago

    dont over think it and take each moment as it comes, dont go to the past, dont go to the future, stay in the moment and enjoy yourself:) i wish you well.

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