First let me tell you about myself.

I remeber daydreaming from a very early age. Whenever a cartoon was there i would act like the charachter or game charachter when i would be lonely. Replay everything in head and do actions also. It never bothered me since I was very young to notice anything wrong with it. I considered it part of myself.

I would literally invent games which I would play in reality but picturizing serial charachters in my mind not any imaginary friends ok. and I could differentiate between reality very easily I could control it but as age increased so did the daydreaming one serial to another . Then I invented a cmpletely new charachter not from any serial with a new face personality and the story is about her which runs in my head she is so magical and the world is too magical to write about I just get more and more addicted to it.

Now I am 16 years old and my board exams are on head I cant even do my daily Homework for even 15 min I dont feel like studying for MY EXAMS!

I think i rather fail than study.You know in India board exams make your life if you get good marks you get a good college.

I don't want to stop daydreaming because it really makes me happy but I want to control it.It has become a defence mechanism for me especially when there are problems going on which I cant control like problems in my country I am very sensitive to them m or anything else which I cant control. I sit with my books and dream about my Imaginary world for hours long. I pace around the room , Jump run My family thinks I am mad. Its like an irresistible urge to do it I am not even attentive to lectures in class. I never knew this had a name untill some time My friends mock at me when I tell them this .

Daydreaming is important for me because I have no one to share my thoughts with and I am too lazy and busy to write journal. I have been a very creative person from beginning. Writing poems etc.

I love music I can sing nd dance very well but i listen to it it triggers the daydreams and I am stuck picturizzing my world and listening songs again and again. My time wasted

Please help me control it…My whole future is on stake

My half yearly exams are going on but I am here trying to express myself and find a solution I have 8 chapters left to do but I study 1 para and daydream for half an hour. No one understands me I told it to my father h e never beleived me

I feel like crying daily PLEASE HELP ME

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  1. daphne3631 10 years ago

    Thank you will B sorry to reply so late I havent been able to log on for a while.

    I ll write more n detail later. I am ina bit hurry.

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