Hello all I have been noticing wicked situaltions /issues with getting booted and other things that just seem more harmful then helpful went to bummz (bummer} she gave me her wonderful yet humble oppinion and thus I wrote to our Tribe I don't need any thanks for it. for reals …. I did this forALL ofUS………….. I really do enjoy being here with some of the best people i have ever met in my life..it's all good really…… some one said to me once that pain is the touching stone of growth hummmm …… Its been a rather frustrating time for many of us I empathize much …. christ on a ……well never mind dont wish to be insultive or judgemental of anyones beliefes……. so has anyone else noticed these events occuring more often then usual? { The being booted whilst in a pvt convo page loads and thats if you can get it to load with out it shutting down and reloading its self grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr its so frustrating communications seem to get messed up more often then usual as well the the the that's all folks yep the pig love that pig {smerking} how many of us recall who porky the pig was still is in the playful innocence of a child kinda way wow I reall did hit the big 5 0 Thanks again to all whom have been so loving caring and supportive of me 2 way street hope we all find a bit {if not more}JOY in our days and nights …..aye, so i dont like some peoples behaviors also…and then again . I have came to learn that its not the essence of a person i dislike {unless your justan evil being} ….It's usually just their behaviors i dont seem to care for……….andYOU yeahYouz guysyeah YOU …… raising left eye brow its nunya for sureThanks again and again and again yep we already know… love people that inspire us to be the best we can be…… sincerely sparky thanksBummz your alright in my book heheh

  1. MoonWolfEagle 8 years ago

    lol lol hey Delane shaking my head at my own dag gone self and laughing at me not even with me hehehe I have CABIN FEVEAH YEP i have a fire place but whom ever it is that knows it may have some doves or lil sparrows oh hello no they said they cleaned it out hahahaha took em 3.5 years to put in a new mail box and will not make the old italians squeek when they walk they can be so cheep hey they grew up mine did any how during the depression and if it had not been for that lil ol lady my nemisis her and her grandson the original sparkster  lol sparky  no one would have had anything during that time she woke all of um up and said in Tuscany Italian Diolect  go go quick take all out money out of that italian bank immediatly and thus we handed out sandwhiches and well what the hello got me talken Sparky humm oh lol the dagged fireplace nevah mind see you soon D oh bother ..

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  2. MoonWolfEagle 8 years ago

    lmao yep my brother I hear ya love you much


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  3. Andie372 8 years ago

    You're right, never put down anyone's beliefs.  Spirituality is so personal and different for everyone.  I hope we all find more joy in our lives.


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