Depression has taken over my life i feel so useless. My hubby is great but i can't give him the one thing that would truly make him happy. KIDS you see i had a hysterectomy when i was26 and even though it was it was a life saver i not have taken my and my hubby chance away of bring happy. Yeah there is adopting but either my mental health that's a no no greeting out to. I had a total hysterectomy so no eggs either.I can see it in my hubby eyes ever time he looks at a child. The longing wanting the love he could give someone who had kids. Ive even thought about just telling him to go. Go and find someone u can have a family with but he says he loves me he don't need kids he has me. Yeah i believe him but i want him to have a full life. He can't get that with me. Im house bound due to other ill health to so my quality of life is zero. So Im holding him back in just been able to go out with our mates for normal things a loving couple wwould do for f**k sake i can't even make love to him. Whsts life do i give him? When i was a kid i would dream a white wedding living in a house with loads of kids ours and foster kids sound the place and just growing old together. With a sex life ad full as the the rest of our life.Oh boy how wrong did i f**k up that dream got my white wedding but there it stops. Im 35but my body has got to be in its 90 no joking. I feel like ny life has stopped. He should go and be happy…….

  1. deidrexx 10 years ago

    I feel the same way, I don't want to intrude on your post, but I am almost 38 and I am single because I feel like I can't bring any happiness to any man. I can't have kids either, I have a poor mental state and I am gaining weight and just basically living the life of a recluse. I feel terrible that I can't meet a man and give him kids, I have had too many  health issues and I am older… so I feel like who would want to marry me.

    But take heart! You are not single! You have a hubby.

    The best advice I can give is to accept the love from your man! Don't think of the things you can't give him, think of the things you ARE giving him. There is a reason he is YOUR man! He loves you for you. Maybe you are enough, and he means it when he says he does not need kids, he has you. Try to think of what you are to him so that he will see you appreciate him and you can be happier. 🙂

    I know it is easier said than done, but I would do anything for someone to love me, and if I had someone I would try to think of what I am giving him rather than what I can't give.

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  2. no1_cares 10 years ago

    Thank you i understand what your saying and like u said its harder to do than say. Though i do need to count my blessing and i am grateful for my hubby. Just wish my depression and anxiety would leave me alone to enjoy my life but i guess thit's not meant to be yet:-(
    Anytime u fancy a chat give us a shout we may not know what we both have been through but i can listen.

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