So.. I have not been on here in a very long time. I went back to work on March 1st part time then full time on March 15th. I am doing so much better. Still taking my meds like I am supposed to but I will tell you this. Lucinda Basset has a couple of books out, panic to power and another one I can\'t rememeber the name right now. And she has a program called Attacking Anxiety and Depression. It isn\'t cheap but it is 100% money back guaranteed. And I will tell you that without those books and that program I would not be as well as I am today. I have very little anxiety and no panic attacks. Don\'t get me wrong every once in a while I will feel a little anxious or nervous. But I do a lot of good self talk and I have learned how to be a positive happy person. You would not believe what this stuff can do for you. Please get these books and this program. And go out and buy either the tapes or the book or the movie called the Secret. I live off this stuff guys. I listen to something everyday and I am able to cope. I am able to be stronger. And I am able to live life. It wasn\'t over night and it took time and determination and belief and the desire to get control over this. I want you to go out get this stuff and report back to me how much better reading this stuff makes you feel. There are people out there, that have it way worse than me or some of us and they have survived. Start living your life now. It feels great. Some days are still harder than others but I am out there and I am living and I am getting over this. You can too. I believe in all of you.


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