Ok let me clear this up i dont have a problem with people put in their blogs on private i just wish that the site would say at the blog name private that way we know not to read it i mean isnt that th ewhole private thing its not very private if everyone can read it now is it???? i got a comment from a fellow member tell n me that she was mad that i got the wrong idea on how i thought they were rude or whatever i understand that people dont want negative comments but dont we have to take the good with the bad i mean some jerks might say negative things but im sure that there are way more positive comments then negative and i personaly havent had any negative comments till just now about how she was upset at my blog and i dont mind it to much because thats how she feels and im glad she told me cuz i can sorry for not b n more understand n i blame the site and not u personaly but u could put after your blog title (only friends may comment) i mean its not hard i would do it any who just wanted to clear the air and officaly say sorry im not a mean person and i couldnt leave her a comment um cuz she has her page on private so i wanted to say sorry to all the private blogs i wish that u can have a lil more faith in the good people here (like me) who want to suppot u not bring u down and i wish that the people who say negative comments can leave this is not the place for that ugh ok thats over now lol hope i dont have alot of people who hate me now lol well have a good day/night love ya – katelyn –

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  1. maggie 13 years ago

    If someone dislikes you for voicing your opinion then they are the ones that should be sorry. I never once got the impression that you were being rude or disrespectful towards those people.

    It should be easy for the Board Admin here to simply have an option for members to have their blogs private and only viewable to their friends. No portion of it should be posted on the main board. That is what I have an issue with.

    I agree with Jim, that is just so frustrating!!!!

    Hang in there, you did nothing wrong.


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