Marching along. It's an appropriate title. Plenty has happened since I last blogged. And it's morning and I haven't slept so…I think I'll keep this brief.

My old job called me back for a project. I start next week. The extra cash will be nice because I've got tons to do with it. And get this…I get to work right here on my computer eight hours a day for good money. Really? Sit at the computer and read? Sure. Gladly. I may be moving up to supervisor for the next project and the company's season runs through August. Hopefully…I will be slightly well off financially in several months.

I decided to take the offer with school/work. Which means I have a problem…I now have a job…and if I continue on with this thing…it'll have to be mornings. So…I may be up at five in the morning and down at ten at night. Workaholic. And then…September I finish some stuff. And I want to do more stuff, but I'd rather settle into my career and do it on the side because…I'm never satisfied. I love being marketable and making money.

The parent is back. She's been pleasant, but the first day was like…crazy and I cried hysterically to sleep because I had no idea how I was going to juggle two careers, taking care of the house, her, and the dog. I'm…getting better at it. I have instituted a "I am officially unable to do more" thing that has helped immensely because otherwise…I go until I drop and get grouchy like I did today with Oz. I was feeling kind of alone in making things work financially. And he listened…and we talked. It was nice. I'm moody with everything so…he gets the brunt of it. Emotionally? He's my rock and that's important because I can't trip the light fantastic so much while I'm working. No sleep anymore.

And…there was shopping. Groceries…who cares. Soapstone Buddha bookends? Awesome. Clothes? Yes. Rosary for my Methodist husband? Of course. Gandalf tapestry for him? Absolutely. Dove white chocolate bunny for his basket? You bet…that's my next project.

I still have to supply the animals with stuff, get him a dress shirt, and um…I don't know. I have a list of things I feel are necessary.

Something is off with my right bicep. And by off…I mean…using it had me near tears carrying groceries into the house. I have no idea what I did to it. Period is over. I'm sure I'll come down with something.

Max has taken to sleeping with me more. He actually has a secondary water bowl in my room…which kind of means he's moved in. Every night he wants into bed to snuggle and he stays most of the time until I'm asleep or almost asleep. It's really nice. I feel so much closer to him lately.

Walter ate. Not much else to say about that.

I think I need a vacation. I was supposed to be on vacation, but there was money involved. I'm glad I like what I do. I need more rest.

Got Max's cake and candle to finally celebrate. Pictures should be forthcoming. He will probably get another toy.

And that is all my brain can think of right now even though I know I'm probably missing some stuff due to exhaustion. Off to bed and some sleep. Ciao for now.


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