I have challenged my OCD in ways that weren’t possible even a week ago. Instead of hiding behind the fears, I recently began to deal with them directly. Once more I discovered that my OCD has no real effect on me if I choose to face it and deal with it directly. 


There are times when I feel I can’t read certain news sites, eat certain foods, or even walk in a certain way, because of the fear of weight gain. I wrote last week that I thought I was becoming anorexic because this fear was becoming all that I thought about. I would spend hours with it in the back of my mind no matter how hard I tried to ignore it. The more I tried to deal with it by simply thinking it “away” the more it remained. 

Then there is the issue of other intrusive thoughts that give me the impression that I have mild schizophrenia.  I almost have voices in my head telling me not to do certain things because of various reasons such as weight gain, causing harm, etc. I find it difficult to even write sentences sometimes because intrusive thoughts tell me that if I use a certain word then something I fear will happen (even this sentence is one where I find this a problem). 
I decided to deal with the OCD directly and I find that relief is there when I am willing to ignore the fear. I realize that my OCD isn’t as bad as others, but still it is enough of a problem for me to write this blog so that I could share my own problems. I hope that there are those who can also find the strength to face their OCD to see that the fears are nothing more than lies that disappear once the light of reason is shined upon them.
  1. StephenLeaver 13 years ago

    I think I will take some time to face some strongholds that ocd has around the house. It will make my anxiety higher, but it is something that I have to do. Hopefully this will make walking around the house less stressful. 

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  2. anas 13 years ago

    that agreat   and the best way its face the ocd  ….still like that  i hope to get agreat healthy

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  3. robby 13 years ago

    Hi.  I really liked what you had to say in your blog particularly what you wrote in your last paragraph.  Truly insightful and inspiring.  Best.  Rob

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