A: Wow, my pitch got accepted! But there’s so much work that still has yet to be done.

B: Only if I work non-stop on this—which includes losing sleep and forgetting to make time for my mental health, family and friends—will I succeed in producing a meaningful piece, in the timeline within which it could be meaningful.

C: gut queasiness

D: This is a wonderful opportunity to see if you can write an article based on your love, intelligence, analysis, instead of your anxiety. this is an opportunity to see what you can accomplish WITHOUT overselling yourself.

E: put in 48 hours this week, but do not skimp on support for friends, exercise, your mental health, etc.


feelings: queasy, excited, hopeful, anxious,

grateful for: my longlasting friendships; my parents; the opportunities offered to me; Natasha’s health, the health fo my family and others; others who want to overcome their OCD

visualization: sleep deeply; exercise first thing in the morning; work a solid 8 hours (9—6 minus therapy and lunch/mental health records); have dinner; work another half an hour to make up the time, chat with Dominik. That whole time, feeling the issues, but not driven by my anxiety.


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