I've been trying to write a blog all week,  but a couple of sentances in, I just delete. So this time I will get through it and finish it lol

I have noticed something in my health, sinse having the dog… apart from darn allergies…lol. I used to have really bad heart burn almost daily, to the point where I actually considered the fact that I had that reflux desease, it was rather bad… but sinse finding the little dog I have not had it, I got it the evening when we dropped her off to her owner, but then the next day when we got Marley… its gone again and also in the year that Bubba has been gone I had pretty high blood presure, according to my doctor my blood pressure was perfect, even though I smoke, the effects of smoking did not show up in my blood pressure (same for mum) Untill Bubba died and it sky rocketed, so on Wednesday… we'll see if it dropped back down, should be interesting to see.

I rand pop to wish him a happy birthday, he informs me grandma and him are going to Dawin for a holiday at the end of April, I ask why, simple answer …. " oh cause we havn't been there yet" which got me thinking, when they actually do retire, they're gonna have no where to go.lol once they have gone to Dawin they would have seen all of Australia, they've already seen all of Indonesia (spelling) gone back to England and Scottland, seen Ireland… seriously… they're gonna have nothing to do hahhahahaha and I reckon the Hospital are going to force him to retire soonish, he is around 65 which is when you're expected to retire and pop doesn't want to cause then he'll be bored and the Hospital has already forced Grandma to take alot of holidays, cause they owe her like 4 months worth, so she takes a week off every month lol  talk about work-o-holics… it seems that gene skipped me cause mums one as well lol but atleast mum will have something to do if and when she retires… she hasn't been any where.

Marley is getting a bit better out side, not to so scared when people walk past, some drunk bloke walked past yesterday (at around 3pm no less lol) and Marley stood his ground, he didnt bark or growl but he stood there like he was like a defence stand kinda thing, and the man walking past said "is ya dog gonna attack me?" im like nah, he's just watchin ya… thinking, yeah right you could do all the damage you like and he would just run off… hahahaha. We see this old man every morning, who carries Schmacko's around with him (I duno why) but he seems like a niceish old man, any way, the man can slowly get closer every day, still yet to actually get the treat lol

Im a bit nervous about going to the vet, the last time I went, I had to say goodbye to Bubba, makes me a little unsettled, I know nothing is gonna happen to Marley, its just abit daunting I guess.


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