Worried About You And Missing You

Worried About You And Missing You

Many of us have strong bonds in our lives,
with people that are close to our hearts.

If you have ever been put in these kinds of situations,
you will understand fully what I am expressing here.

We all express the feelings of missing someone,
that is away for expected periods of time in our lives,
 by either telling them so or just feeling it in our hearts,
the feelings of missing them or if they are ok,
just simply longing to communicate with them.

But as we all know it’s a different story all together,
when we are expecting someone within a certain time,
and they are not there within that certain time,
our minds naturally  start to wonder.

first the feelings of anticipation of them getting there start,
making you look out the door or window in hopes of seeing them,
after more time passes the feelings of worry start to take place,
now you are finding yourself in a so called tug,
in your mind as it starts playing on different scenarios.

With all the dangers there are in life with everyday society,
you can not help but to think of the different possibilities,
that might have or not have occurred in their absence.

After still not hearing from them after several hours pass,
you really start to worry with a slight sickness in your stomach ,
with the severe fear that something may have happened,
you then start calling around to see if someone knows anything,
and to get different opinions to help ease your stressful worry,
and get some comfort from talking to others about it.

Now even more hours have passed and you begin experiencing,
the feelings of being frantic in your stressful worry,
the sickness in your stomach is getting stronger with every second,
now you start to begin calling hospitals and police stations,
to see if they have been in an accident or have been injured,
to find out they do not know anything either.

Now the mixed emotions start to flow within yourself,
with emotions of being mad that they have not at least called you,
so you would not have to go through, these all but true dramatic feelings,
to let you know that they are ok or simply were not going to make it.

Now all you can do is wait to hear from or see that person,
not being able to sleep or concentrate on anything else,
basically putting you through what we call,
dramatically mixed uncertain feelings, that no one likes having.

I really think it is truly amazing what happens when you finally,
hear or see this person again, most of all those feelings disappear,
and are washed away split second replaced by the feelings,
of happiness that they are safe, unharmed and healthy,
and feeling  joy of seeing them finally showing up.

Written by,
Steve M. Jolicoeur


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