Sofar things have been decent . I have a very light depression right now , so no major backlash from the hypomanic episode . I'm just extremely tired all the time . It's kind of funny really in an ironic sense ~ I haven't been getting any hours at work lately because it's been so slow , and this week I'llhaveworked 4 days straight by tomorrow evening and then again on next Tuesday . ( Our work week runs from Wed. to the following Tues. )

This weekend my son will have another 3 day weekend. . . 2 in a row !He's very happy about that , but I'm not really thrilled . The week afternext is going to be very trying for him because it will be a full school week and he's going to be mean and grouchy because of it . He doesn't do changes in routine well . I'm also nervous because he'll start riding the bus home for the first time on Tuesday , and I don't know how the older kidswill treat him . Luckily I know he has 1 friend his age riding the same bus with him , so that should help .

I can't believe how tired working a 6 and a half hour shift makes me ! It's been since July that I've really worked at all , and my stamina stinks . By the time I gethome I'm ready to go to bed before we put our son to bed at 8 p.m. !I think it will get easier after another week , I'llgetback into the swing of things .

I missed my pyschiatric doctor's appointment this morning ~ I somehow thought today was Wedneday instead of Thursday . Sheesh , I'm all messed up on my daysthis week . I wonder why ?

I hope work is busy today ~ it makes the time go much faster .


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