So it’s 12:50 at night. I’ve got to wake up later on at 8 in the morning. I should be asleep, but I can’t sleep. I don’t get sleepy until around 3 in the morning. So I figured I’d check in.


Today was okay. It wasn’t horrible & it wasn’t amazing, but it was okay. I didn’t wake up this morning (well, afternoon) until almost 2 o’clock. Ate some french toast, got the baby when he woke up, & we were chillin’ in my room while I cleaned up a bit. My mom came home & took him for a bit while I finished my room. We watched The Happening together, even though it was a stupid movie & continued to get paused because my mom had to go outside & smoke a cigarette or five every twenty minutes. My cousin & her baby Sebastian came over. They both went outside on the porch & left me in there with Mason & Sebastian. Sebastian cried the whole time ’cause he’s a "momma’s boy". After they leave, I start getting things ready for my shower. Just as I’m about to get in it, my mom shouts at me about the dogs. They were in the bonus room eating all day & I forgot to let them out. I’m not used to it. It used to be their responsibility. They (being my mom & Jairo) would feed the dogs & let them out. Then one day I started getting yelled at for not taking them outside. So yeah…Went downstairs to let them out while I got in the shower. But no. Had to stay in the living room again to watch Mason while mom went out to smoke. I finally got to get in the shower, & while I was in there, mom took Mason downstairs to bed. I didn’t even get to say goodnight. So here I am, clean, smellin’ good, & dogs inside.


I have to get up at 8 today because I’m going to my little brother’s birthday. He’ll be four years old. I’m going to see all my family from my father’s side. I’m excited & worried at the same time. I want Thad to show up because it’s his son’s birthday. I don’t want Thad to show up because I know he’s going to start something the moment he sees me. I am excited to see everyone, though. I guess I’ll just have to ignore him if he comes. I refuse to fight with him in front of my brother, especially on his birthday.


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