Staying Focused

Many people get caught up in wanting deep relationships,
we all seek that one perfect mate to fulfill our emptiness,
 so we can fill that void and feel whole within ourselves.

Some of us search most of our lives trying to find,
what we have dreamed in our minds
to be our one true soul mate in life,
one that will stand by us through everything in life,
one with an unconditional love that will stay strong.
through everything life throws your way.

That one true best friend and lover to stand the test of time,
one that is truly honest in every way, even if the honesty hurts,
one that will not run when times become unbelievably rough,
and stands beside you showing you that unconditional love.

If you are so lucky to have found that one soul mate in life,
It is important to stay focused with them by showing your love,
even if things become unfocused and blurry for awhile.

Many people make the mistake of letting things in life get in the way of their focus in loving relationships,
by not being forgiving and by taking each other for granted,
by only looking after our own feelings, wants and needs,
and not compromising and considering their partners needs and wants.

You will begin to play games by waiting and seeing if your partner,
will approach you in loving manners, to show their love to you,
rather than communicating and showing your feelings to each other,
these action will only tear your relationships down,
and cause bitterness between you and your partner!!!

Take time to remember the way you treated each other and the things you did for one another in the beginning of you relationship.
Do this without expecting and without taking things done for granted.
Appreciate the small things that they have done for you.

Do not hold the past against someone; you can not change it,
but forgive them for their mistakes and look at the good in them.
Start every day as a fresh start in your walk together, you will find yourself a happier person in the long run.

Remember happy people have stronger relationships together.
It is easier to love someone that is happy with themselves.

Written by,
Steven M. Jolicoeur


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