Today I am actually in a decent mood just abit frustrated. I know many people think they know what anxiety is and think they know all about it but as we all know in reality they have no clue how different regular anxiety is from an anxiety disorder.

My husband knows quite a bit about medical stuff because of his job but obviously no one knows everything. I certainly wouldn't want my shoulder surgeon doing brain surgery one me even though he's a fantastic doctor.

Ok so here's what's been going on lately….my husband is starting to attribute any time I'm upset or angry or sad as being me having anxiety issues. Literally any time I'm not perfectly cheery he'll say oh there you go with your anxiety issues again. I've tried to explain to him that I'm just being human and it is in no way related to my anxiety disorder and that sometimes people get a bit of anxiety without it being part of the disorder. He never had to deal with me back when my anxiety was completely taking over my life so I get that he doesn't understand just how bad it can get, however, I am starting to get offended that he acts like I'm insane when I've worked so hard to get to this point in life.

Back when I was really bad I couldn't leave the house even while heavily medicated, school was the worst for me since I had an irrational fear of it. After I finished school my anxiety became significantly better but still took meds to stay really good. I've finally gotten to the point of being able to mostly control it on my own and not take medication, so it's a huge blow when he picks on my anxiety issues. I try to explain how great this is for me but he just insists that he's a medical professional so he knows exactly what he's talking about. Clearly I know nothing since I've only been diagnosed with this for 14 YEARS!

I just wish he could understand how hard I've worked and how I'm just acting like a normal person with emotions.

  1. WorryWort95 9 years ago

    If you see a counselor, bring him with u have have him/her explain to him that not all emotion is due to anxiety! Or tell him that he is wrong and he doesn\'t know everything about anxiety and that he should learn to keep his mouth shut sometimes. Or say something nice that will help u not hurt u! Good luck!

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  2. shrinkydink92 9 years ago


    I have had an anxiety disorder for years as well..I wasn\'t diagnosed until I was 14, but my whole childhood was anxiety and OCD. I used to depend on meds to get me through high school and had a hard time not having panic attacks in school. Long story short, I have overcome panic disorder, some OCD and phobias and am no longer on meds (off a year and a half). I have come a VERY long way since age 14 it\'s not funny. My parents like to comment how I worry so much and have so much anxiety but don\'t realize how far i have come since then. It\'s frustrating. I\'m 22 now and am very proud of where I am. Sure, there\'s more work to be done with my anxiety, but I know what i\'ve accomplished even if no one else does. All i can tell you is..only YOU will understand how far you\'ve come, so be proud of yourself for it.P.S: Tell your husband I said there is a BIG difference between regular anxiety and an anxiety disorder lol The one person who knows it better than a professional is the sufferer themeself…no offense to his medical knowledge.

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  3. Rubye 9 years ago

    Most people who have never had an emotional illness cannot begin to understand. This is just the way it is. My husband refuses to believe I have any kind of problem that is any different from anyone else. Even when I was hospitalized because of depression and anxiety, I think he thought I was just trying to manipulate him. If we want to get better, it\'s best to do it for us and on our own and expect nothing from anyone and this includes no understanding, praise when we do well or patience with the disease. My husband\'s standard answer is for me to get out and do something physical. He expects that since it helps him, it\'s my answer also. He certainly can\'t understand my crying jags which seem to be a part of it.

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