So, I haven't been around much. Why? One word: College.

It's just junior college, but it makes me very, very nervous every time I go. I'm sort of used to it now, as I've been going since January, but it still makes me completely nervous before I get there. Most of my classes are in the morning, so I wake up around 5:30 am and leave the house just before 7:00am. I have to get out of the car, walk about a minute, then up a flight of stairs, then down a long hallway, which is lined with other students. You'd think I die having to do this almost every morning. I haven't yet. Wink

It's like walking the catwalk because everyone seems to stare ate you until you rest against the wall somewhere. Then, I, along with my classmates, wait for about 10-15 minutes until the professor gets there to let us into the room. I sit in the back, of course and talk to my classmates very rarely.

The class really worth mentioning is Art. I love art, really, but I get so anxious about drawing in front of people. Well, not really in front of people, but everyone is supposed to feel free to walk around the room and see what others are doing. Something that bugs me to death because someone comes and stands behind you as you're trying to draw or figure out what you're going to draw. Most of the time, I stop drawing and act as if I'm contemplating what to draw next. They usually leave after a few minutes. I talk to my table mates. An older lady and a guy who might be a few years older than me. Well, besides talking to them, I don't talk to anyone else too much. We recently went to the art museum … I hardly go anywhere, so this was a new development. I spoke to a few other classmates I hardly ever speak to and it was actually somewhat fun after my nervousness simmered down.

School, college, is something I thought I wouldn't be able to do, but maybe after junior college I can live my dream and go to Berkley. I've wanted to go there for … years. Since I was about 7 years old. Laughing

The only problem that night stop me will be money. Money mouth There are loans and such, so it should work out, though. So, for people who have been wondering why I haven't been around, well, that's why. School and school work have been keeping me busy.


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