My ex boyfriend wrote back yesterday afternoon, telling me Yes, after I told him that I'd been back on the dating site and went out on a date, he went and signed back up for it too.  He said he was really surprised at first that I would go on a date that fast and that he wouldn't have been able to go out with anyone else that fast!  But he's the one who told me I should do it!  

And then he went on to say that after he thought about it,  he was glad that I felt ready to move on, it made him feel free that I had done that, and now he felt ready to move on too, and he hopes I find the person I'm looking for because he really likes me and wants me to be happy, blah blah blah.  And he finished off with an invitation to me to come hang out with him on his sailboat after he gets back, and have fun (the same sailboat where he and I made passionate love just a couple of weeks ago).  

So I wrote him back and told him, No, you idiot (well, I left out the word idiot), I told you the date went BADLY, and made me realize I am NOT ready to move on.  And I told him I still think he's making a mistake giving me up, and we deserve a second chance and then I went on to tell him that I just can't understand how he can be so stubborn and hardhearted!  Oh, and I finished off by telling him I had to go because I was feeling depressed.  So that was probably the worst email I've written him yet, and I'll be surprised if he answers that one any time soon. LOL.  Yes, it makes me laugh a little to think about it now, so I AM feeling better today!

 I started my new job today, as a nanny for a three month old.  I get to bring my daughter with me and it's the perfect job for me.  So at least that part of my life is going well.  

I really don't feel so bad today at all.   

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  1. fairygal 14 years ago

    I hope your ex gets a clue!  Good luck with your new job.

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