Do you ever feel like you r the only one that knows how you feel and everyone else just seems completely clueless. Its like at work atm I am hating it feel like I have been stabbed in the back, let down and as though it is all my issue to deal with. Basically get told that at the end of the day its not my workplaces responsibility to make me happy and have also had other people at work make comments to others saying that I have erratic moods, seriously why dont ppl get 2 know me or know what the problem is b4 they opened their big mouth.

Its like everything was fine before I got moved to another unit away from my support group of colleagues to a unit that I currently do not mind working on but dont understand why I cannot rotate with other female members of staff in the hospital. Its like everyone keeps saying its only for a short while till u get another a job. which is like yeah i know that but its not u that has to deal with the feeling of being letdown and basically so unhappy and depressed that u cry even at thought of going to work and u feel on the brink of tears whilst at work. U no I would love to DSH believe me I have contemplated it so much in past few weeks, but no had family wedding to go to so cannot do arms and cannot do rest of body as boyfriend sees it. Its so frustrating I just wish I could go back to old coping methods and vent how I feel. As I am getting so fed up of feeling this constantly depressed, tired, low and miserable. Life seems so hard work and a major effort at present.

sorry if i'm rambling guys just didnt know how else to vent my frustrations. I just wish that other ppl could occassionally sit in my shoes and understand how i actually feel and not just think that i am oversensitive.


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