Well yesterday I learned I was going to have a nice 3 day weekend no babysitting and I was so excited thinking I would rest up the rest of the night and then today start doing things around here that need to be done and when that was done I would just enjoy some movies or something maybe go for a walk around the lake.  Well I should have known better.  This morning I woke up in so much pain I couldn't move for the longest time.  The weather is getting colder so my back and knees don't want to work right.  I have degenerative arthritis in both so they are cumbling a little more everyday.  I should have known better to think I'd get things done and feel better about myself, to just sit back and be able to see what I'd accomplished, should have known better that I'd be in so much pain I couldn't move let alone be able to enjoy movies or accomplishing something.  Just should have known better so now if I take another day to rest then that leaves two days and then what?  Spend another day in pain and come Monday have done nothing around here and enjoyed nothing but being in pain?  I did go out to the store for a minute but going to the car took so long and getting back out and coming in the house took so long I feel so old but inside I feel so young wanting to do things,  wanting to feel good for a change.  I hate this, the fibromyalgia has my muscles in knots why did this all have to happen now?  I have a short time off why do I have to spend it this way? 

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  1. Veronica51 10 years ago

    Boy do I know what you are talking about with the fibro and arthritis.  Had suffered without the pain killers for almost three weeks and my pain some times was a seven so I downed about six to seven ibuprof to help me till we straightened out my drug card. Don't say your sorry about what you are suffering with because it isn't your fault you have it.  Understanding that condition of what you suffer from may help you with it.  Take one day at a time with it and don't worry about how you wil feel tomorrow because you are working with the pain now and you will deal with what ever happens tomorrow.  Some thing had snapped in me this past year mostly the past five months that now I am not worried about tomorrow or what is going to happen next week or next month and I believe God had did it to make me understand that I have to slow down and take better care of myself and I am and I am not letting the pain get to me, even if it I have to lay around for the whole day and do nothing.   You are in my prayers and take it easy and don't worry about anything.

    God be with you 

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