What is one to do, once beaten black and blue? The warring state of my soul is far from done, I can feel the fire inside me burning, yearning to feast apon released hate and rage. I want to burn this world alive and tare into it’s beating heart. Yet is this world my true enemy?… who is my true enemy in this life, who or what is it holding me back from happiness? From living a good life of love and peace. Could anyone believe me? Can you believe it when i say this, that while at this stage in my life I would relish the chance to tare into someones flesh in a random act of revenge on life, that if I could just as easily live the life I want, one of peace and trainqulity I would? Would you believe that night and day I think about letting someones life from their throat because it would bring a smile to my face, but so would holding my love in my arms in our own house…. I seek peace and love in my life, a home, my love, my hobbies and a decent job that pays the bills and affords me some of the luxuries in life, I don’t want to have it all I just want to have enough… yet because life defeats me at every turn and I cannot have this life of peace… my soul becomes engulfed in the fires of rage and hate. I want to tare this world around me apart, I want to take the lives of ALL those living a life better than mine. I want to burn those who make enough to live a wonderful life and waste it, NBA players, Fortune 500 big wigs and so on… the scum of man. In a day making more money than many inculding myself will see in a life time… I want to kill them… I don’t want them to die, I want to feel the heat of their crimson on my skin as I watch the life fade from their eyes and the regret the horridness of their deeds… I want to rid this world of the greed and ignorance. The ones that come to this country and have no desire to be an american, those that come to my homeland to takes its money so they can return home with it, those that come here and bring along their filth, their ignorance and their oblivious nature to this world. I want them to see the absolute loathing in my eyes as they feel their life taken by my hands. I am tired of them and this…. yet, are they my true enemy? Is this life my true enemy?… Who is my true enemy. SHOW ME… so I can take my enemies life and continue forward with mine. SHOW ME… so I can end my enemies reign and move to the peace I wish to have. Come forth my enemy, come forth from the shadows and lies you use to hide yourself. Come to me face to face and let us see who is the better of us two, face me and we shall see. For when it’s over, only one of us shall be alive… and be it you or me I WILL have my taste of your blood…. I will have my fill of you, my enemy.


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