so today i went to the boys school to pick up their cume records….Ive had the secretary working on this for a couple of days now….I THANK GOD FOR THEM because they have been SUCH A HELP!!!!

(and you know whats funny…is that the secretary even asked me if there was ANY information that i DIDNT want D to have….and i told her NO!!! there ARE NO SECRETS!!! whatever information you have in the school is there is for anyone who NEEDS to see it!!! so HOW FUKN BAD OF A MOTHER AM I REALLY!!! I COULD HAVE TOLD HER NOT TO ALLOW D TO SEE THE RECORDS!!! obviously people have been inquiring about the boys…afterall we ARE in a custody battle!!!)

well what i found was the original registration forms used to get the boys enrolled in school….and as i EXPECTED…..i was the one that signed them up to the school that they are currently in…(not that that was a question in my mind) but what was my concern…was the addresses on the forms!!! and LIKE IVE MENTIONED BEFORE i had BOTH of our addresses on the forms for the years that HE IS CLAIMING THAT HE HAS SOLE CUSTODY!!!! the discrepancy comes in the form of the "BLUE CARDS" the emergency contact cards, where listed on THOSE cards is D's name and address!!! simply because THOSE cards are sent DIRECTLY home to him!!!!

i was ALSO able to photocopy the information from one of the schools they had been transferred from…..on that registration form i used a family member's address to get them enrolled in that particular school!!! so AGAIN…..D HAS SCREWED HIMSELF!!

but the kicker for the day was when i went to the YMCA to see if i could get information pertaining to the log in/log out sheet that the after-school uses to keep records of the children's activity……now back in dec…i asked the after-school coordinator (ms b)if she would be able to help me locate these logs for the purpose of obtaining evidence to prove that i DID in fact have custody of my children…..what i was told was that they no longer had the logs….(we are looking for logs from the years 2005-present) we asked if the YMCA would have these logs in the office and was told that THEY wouldnt have that information and NOT to go to coorperate office….this was before the boys went on Christmas vacation….

now coming back from Christmas vacation we asked again bout the logs and THIS TIME we were told that D had INQUIRED ABOUT THE LOGS as well, and they had GIVEN the logs TO HIM!!!! but they weren't SURE IF HE RETURNED THEM!!!!! so of course my mind went SPINNING!!! he was going to USE this information AGAINST ME…OR DOCTURE THE INFORMATION!!! so i left it alone and came up with a different plan…..i went to the after-school one last time on Friday 3/21/08 inquiring about the logs to see if the ladies from after-school could help me out (again, ms b)…i told them that I NEEDED THIS INFORMATION, THAT THEIR FATHER IS TRYING TO TAKE MY CHILDREN FROM ME…… and the response i got from these ladies was UNACCEPTABLE!!! the coordinator (ms b) CLEARLY FAVORS D….she told me that SHE COULDNT BELIEVE D WOULD DO SUCH A THING…THAT I MUST BE WRONG!!! then she proceeded to tell me that the information that i was looking for had been destroyed!!! that she was told to get rid of the logs….that HER BOSS TOLD HER TO DISCARD THE LOGS!!! but then she went to look for them in the back room……now for the life of me I CANT UNDERSTAND HOW ANYONE WOULD DESTROY DOCUMENTS THAT BELONG TO THE YMCA!!!! then she proceeded to go into an office to PULL OUT LOGS!!! she gave me logs from the yrs of 06-07… i walked out with the logs…i told her that i will return them…

now TODAY when i went the main YMCA office for the bronx i questioned the person in charge of the after-school program at the boys school…i asked her if there would be ANY possibility for me to get my hands on the logs….she told me that they DONT allow parents to view these logs….that i would have to go through the courts if i wanted to see them…..i asked her if they would have RECORDS of these logs ANYWHERE….and she told me since they run approximately 8 YMCA'S in NY there would be NO WAY that they kept these logs in that particular office……so i told her that i had asked for the logs and was given the logs from the after-school lady(ms b) and she IMMEDIATELY TOLD ME THAT I SHOULDNT HAVE THEM IN MY POSSESSION!!!

so what happened after that was PRICELESS!!!!

i get a phone call from D stating that HE HAS AN ISSUE WITH THE "Y"…. that I AM RESPONSIBLE for possibly getting ms b fired…. that I SHOULD CALL HIM IMMEDIATELY!!!! so i called him! when i spoke with him he asked me what i had done….wanted to know if i would be returning the logs RIGHT NOW!!! i told him that all i did was EXACTLY WHAT HE DID!!! i requested to see the information!!! and that i would return the logs tomorrow!!! he asked me if he could pick them up…i told him NO!!! so he asked me if i would call ms b and explain this to her…..which i did….

yes i felt bad about ms b getting in trouble…i didn't mean for her to get chewed out by her boss….and i was told by her that she has to go in front of her boss on Monday to explain why or what she had done…..BUT I AM NOT SORRY FOR HER TRYING TO COVER UP FOR D!!! i asked ms b on COUNTLESS occasion's if she could help me out….what she did was HELP D OUT!!! she gave HIM the logs….now if he RETURNED them is a mystery!!! if he messed with them is a mystery…..all i know is that the logs that I HAVE in my possession have MONTHS of information MISSING!!!! DAYS that are missing!!! days that WE HAVE PICKED OUR BOYS UP FROM AFTERSCHOOL!!! so in YOU doing D a favor and YOU(ms b) thinking that YOU (ms b) know D SO WELL…..YOU (ms b) got SCREWED!!!! D doesn't CARE about ANYONE but D!!!!

as far as IM CONCERNED…..i DID WHAT I HAD TO DO!!!! I WENT OVER YOUR (ms b)  HEAD AND GOT WHAT I NEEDED TO KEEP MY BOYS!!! i DIDNT ask ms b to cover for me…..OR to destroy evidence, or to hide evidence for that matter….now that this is out in the open, SOMEONE HAS TO TAKE ACCOUNT FOR THIS!!!

someone is RESPONSIBLE for this mess and it ISNT ME!!!!

i don't know what kind of SMOOTH talking D did to these women at the after-school,(ms b) but he PLAYED THEM!!! he took that information and either RETURNED it with MISSING information or he JUST DIDNT RETURN IT AT ALL!!!!

so if i have to get this information subpoenaed, then SO BE IT!!!! but i REFUSE TO LET THIS MAN LIE IN MY NAME!!!!



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