I'm feeling a lot better today. Probably wasn't a great time to write my first blog post when I was feeling like I hate the world and everyone in it lol but it's how I feel sometimes.

Thought I'd write a brief post introducing myself.

I'm 24 and from the UK. Used to have a profile on here a few years ago when I was about 18/19. I don't actually remember why I stopped coming on here.

I've struggled with mood problems and depression most of my life but never sought any help until very recently. I've always tried to be my own psychiatrist and my own therapist, but I noticed that the same patterns kept repeating in my life resulting in the same old sh*t so I decided to seek professional help. I'm now in therapy and seeing a clinical psychologist. I'm still treating the whole thing as an experiment though.

I love her and find her to be an amazing and intelligent person, full of empathy and understanding, however I'm still not sure if her help can have any real positive impact on my life. But I'm still in the early stages so we shall see…

I have emotional dysregulation problems – mood swings. I can be euphoric one minute and devastated the next. I can experience several extremes of emotion throughout a day, sometimes in the same hour. I'm good at hiding it though.

I am a master of disguise. I am an actress with several personas. And I don't know which one of them is the real me. I know they all are. But they are all very seperate. Andwhen you act your way through your entire life it's exhausting.

I want to be a performer. I love singing and dancing. I am very creative.

I want to tour the world, sell out arenas, have worldwide number 1 records and win grammys. And I'm crazy enough to think that one day I actually will.

I have really varied interests. I don't like fitting into neat little boxes, I am all over the place and that's how I like it.

Hope to get chatting to some like-minded people here! šŸ™‚





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  1. WildStarlet 8 years ago

    Yes that's true.

    Thank you that's very kind šŸ™‚

    I have thought I may be bipolar in the past yes, however now I don't know.

    I used to be pretty focused on trying to work out what was wrong with me and all of that stuff. I've given up on that now though, just gunna let my therapist decide and focus on goals. I understand myself a lot better than I used to so I just work with what I know about me rather than trying to fit myself into a diagnosis like I used to. 


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