We have made a little more progress toward the goal of getting my husband to stay home with me. We mailed off our paperwork to my Medi-Cal worker. It feels good to be moving forward with this. Another good thing that happened today was that my doctor sent my Ativan refill, it should last me a month, and there is one refill afterward. So that’s two months of feeling better. I don’t know how the Ativan accomplishes this, when I am taking medicines which are supposed to be helping me in that department, risperidone and quetiapine. I don’t think the risperidone does anything, and the only thing the quetiapine does is make me sleepy. Which isn’t a bad thing, but it doesn’t mitigate the psychosis like it’s supposed to.

I’m drinking an Organic India Tulsi Cleanse right now. I strive to have one of those per day. It’s not very tasty, it’s actually quite bitter, but I’m using it medicinally, so it’s not a concern. I just took a shower and used bergamot oil on my skin at the end. It is such a lovely, calming scent and it lasts for awhile. Thank goodness for the Ativan, I finally feel somewhat normal again. I will have two months of peace and rest, because I have a refill that is good for one month, plus a refill again. It’s amazing that one little pill does more for me than those huge risperidones and quetiapines. Have a blessed night.


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