I try to take every precaution to avoid anxiety attacks, but sometimes something just seems to push that trigger.

I was on the bus today going Downtown. As much as I despise going to that wretched part of the city enough, I was fine with it. No one bothered me. I was cool. I did what I needed to do, went into a music store, played some of the guitars and I was having an enjoyable time for a little while. Time to go home, I hop on the first bus and get to the next stop. I get off the the bus and wait for the one to get home. That bus comes and it's packed to the core. I was the only one who decided I wasn't going to jump on it. I like breathing room, and hate people. I passed on it and caught the next one. Of course my bus happens to be the one I have to share with the 5 loud mouthed teenagers. I didn't have my ipod, so I hate to distract myself with thoughts on duct taping their mouths shut and tossing them into a pit where I toss lotion down to them. Buffalo Bill type stuff. It's normal, I hope?

It seemed everyone on the bus were loud except Kid Rock who sat beside me. Not the real Kid Rock, but he looked like him. He was pretty badass. Didn't say a word. He was good company. I think the bus ride would have been more enjoyable if he randomly got up and started singing Bawitdaba and headbanging to it.

What is with teens and wanting to hear their own voices or think everyone else wants to hear them? Sorry but I don't think your ideas are funny. I don't think you're funny at all. I don't think the rest of the bus cares that you managed to fit 5 people on 3 seats.

They should start fining people for talking too loud or too much. I'd be a rich man if I could do that.

  1. triggered 10 years ago

    Whose talking about pushing Triggered?

    I lol\'d at \”Didn\'t say a word. He was good company.\” Classic!

    Great blog, Skunner.

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  2. Skunner 10 years ago

    Maybe I\'m insane.

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  3. Skunner 10 years ago

    Not wrong at all. We all need a bit of humour.

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