One of the most important lessons I ever taught myself was what I now use as my personal motto.

“no one’s opinion matters more than your own”

ones self-esteem depends on their own opinion of themselves. And from their self-esteem stems their confidence and ability to express themselves in the ways they want.

I was constantly trying to fit in. to impress others, to make them proud and get praise for fitting in with the social standard. I was seeking validation from people who didn’t matter, making that validation hollow and empty.

So, I started looking to myself for validation. If I did something well, I would hang (or place) it somewhere special. If I thought I looked good in a particular outfit, I made mental notes of what I liked and why. And if there were days I felt terrible, I would force myself to make a list of all of the things that I did well.  It was a long process, one I continue to do. And one I recommend to you.

what you think of yourself and your abilities should hold the most weight. If you are proud of something, then it is something worth being proud of. If you think you look like a snack today, then you do. The mentality you start your day with is so important. If you think today is going to be a rough one, do things that make *you* happy. Do things that make *you* feel confident. Do these things to make *your* day a little easier, a little brighter. Listen to that music none of your friends like. Wear those basketball shorts someone once made fun of.  Eat that weird snack everyone thinks is gross.  If you like it, if you want it, do it.

because in the end, this is your life. Don’t let others rule it.

no one’s opinion matters more than your own. Because no one else is you.


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