Most of the things people tell you and you think is bullshit

When you start noticing the opposite sex you think a kiss is a big deal. You have your first kiss and you realize it was a bunch of thinking about nothing really

Later you think saying the word love is a big deal. Then you realize people say it to everyone they're with and they can love a new person every few weeks. You realize love is a generic term for any slight feeling of interest and means nothing. They love you with all their heart and soul today and tomorrow you could be nobody to them. 

Then you consider sex a big deal. People have sex all the time and its as meaningless as the word love has become. People will even rationalize having sex for no reason and just say it was love at first sight so they don't feel guilty.

You used to think high school was a big deal and you look back and laugh at how much you thought of it. People make it sound like its so important and it some how sets up the rest of your life. Its really nothing special. You lose touch with your friends so fast its amazing.

Thats as far as I've come, but I'm sure theres a bunch of crap about nothing to come 

 People make you feel like all your life hinges on this and that and its total bullshit. They make it sound like everything is so important and once you look at it with your own eyes it seems like a bunch about nothing.

I'm not trying to down play  the good things about the things I've talked about, but people play them up to mythic proportions for no reason



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