So I got up this mornin, felt ok. Had my coffee, played a couple games online, watched the news. Normal Sunday morning stuff.

I got my shower about 9:30, to get ready for church. I get ready, start to feel a "spell" … ignore it and say a prayer.

10 a.m. Leave for church … feeling like I cant breath all the way … flushed, hot

Get to church, repeat to myself, I'm goin to be ok … during worship, it hits again … feeling scared, as usual …

We all go up to pray for a lady with breast cancer. I heard, "go up, let them pray for you"

So I did … the whole time feeling weird, shakey, etc …

They pray, I go back to my seat, believing that God is in control and all the stupid thoughts racing thru my head were just the enemy.

I began to feel better … I had thought earlier, I am goin to have to leave! … but I stayed the whole service, trusted the Lord to help me, and He did …

Back home now, but totally exhausted, which happens everytime after these spells …

My Dad, the Pastor, did say something that has stuck … "Recieve It, Believe It, Share It" …

So the first two I have done, and now the third … I am sharing what God did for me today, and He can do for you …

God is good, all the time!

Have a blessed day …

Shell 🙂

  1. Shelley5716 9 years ago

    Good … have a blessed day!!!

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  2. Shelley5716 9 years ago

    no, spell is what I call my attacks … and yes ma\'am Lisa, I also believe it with all my heart.

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