hi i’m Avery. i’m 14 years old and I found out i have social anxiety and separation anxiety  a year ago.  i also have panic disorder and PTSD

when i was little i thought  i was just shy and i just thought that i was close to my mom and that is why i wanted to be with her all the time. now when i think about it i did feel like i was going to faint i did get scared for no resin when i was in public i felt like i for got how to speak. that is how it is even now i wish some one would have told me that i was going to be so fucked up. when i’m talking to anyone i feel like i’m going to faint and i forget how to talk and i am worry that some one is going to think something bad about me. i can just be doing something i like to do like witching anime and i see a scene that triggers my PTSD i have to stop doing what i was doing just to go sit in a cower and i can be in my class and my teacher can be talking and i stored to have a panic attack i hate it all. i think that people would be beater off if i was dead.

  1. amyyelk33 4 months ago

    i totally get you, i’m so sorry ur going thru this. i wanna help

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  2. alvinarose 4 months ago

    Don’t be sad about it. Last year I also face the same issues and I try my best to overcome these issues by getting mental health counseling because I think that stress, depression, and anxiety are the major causes of mental health disorders. By getting proper treatment for my issues now I’m completely fine and living my life happily without any kind of issues.

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  3. iris-dar 4 months ago

    Hi Avery, I am happy you are here! Please don’t give up… r u willing to talk?

    I also struggle with anxiety about being out in public, which isn’t easy since I live about 1/4 mile from my nearest neighbor, and 40 minutes from the closest “town”. Don’t worry, u r not alone. Even if u feel like you are!

    But I do recommend that you get some –real– help. Find an adult to start a conversation with, talk about anything to start, the hardest part is the first words…..

    Are you willing to share with me what triggers your PTSD? and what it is that you remember that is so hard?

    …I’ve been assaulted numerous times, and been stressed by lots of negative attention from people of similar age. (read my profile) And I’ve felt oh so alone…. But us lonely people can stick together!

    for me small dark areas are the hardest, probably why I always have lights on and the curtains left a little open.

    it’s just dad and me and he is always gone for work. Thank god for Bob the dog, he is my only constant companion.

    I am so happy I met my current therapist (via zoom and email). She has helped me so much, and not only because she is easy to talk to and has great advice. Social isolation is a reality for me, and I’m sure my past experiences have not helped…. I can go days (ok, sometimes a week!) without actually meeting another human.

    sending you hugs, Iris

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