I live in Miami, FL. A major party city. People come from all over the world to visit Miami and most of them enjoy the nightlife. Everywhere you turn there's someone with a drink in their hand. When I see posts on Facebook of old friends, they are drinking. I only have a handful of good friends, but we don't see each other that much. I've looked on www.meetup.com to find non-drinking social groups, but there aren't any that are not religiously affiliated. Today, I started a Meetup group for non-drinkers. Hopefully, I'll get a good number of members, but I'm doubtful.

I notice that people run the opposite direction when you tell them it's a non-drinking event. It's sad that a lot of people really do not know how to have fun without drinking. I have to admit, I have completely isolated myself since I've been in recovery. I went to AA meetings for a while, but quit about 2 months ago and I'm in another recovery plan customized for my needs. However, the recovery program I'm in is new and has not started group sessions yet so meeting people through this program is not possible at this point. I think AA is a wonderful program, but when my sponsor asked me to pray for sobriety and to thank god for sobriety everyday, I didn't know what to do because I don't "pray to someone" and I don't ask for things in prayer.

I am a person that believes that something created us, but I admit that I just don't understand it. I do believe in saying prayers wishing others well and wishing good things for myself, but I am not praying to anyone. I am praying these prayers to gain compassion for myself and others. I honestly don't know how to navigate through AA with this belief. Otherwise, I would have no problem going and making friends. I am afraid that they will ask me to be a speaker and I will have a different view than most of the members. They may possibly try to change what I believe because they feel I'm not working the program properly. These are my fears about AA. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be happy to listen. I am totally open to going back to AA if I can work through these issues. I am still not drinking, but need a safe environment to be social.

In the meantime, I've isolated myself and it's very lonely at times. I tend to work too much and distract myself. I try my best, but it gets a little depressing at times. I want to get back into AA, but need your suggestions. Your help would be greatly appreciated!


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