I just got back from vacation. I received 3 days off from work, and went on a camping trip with my Dad, Mom, boyfriend, sister, and her boyfriend. We all had a good time.

The night before the trip, however, was not so swell. See, I was tired. I was preparing for the big trip and at 3 AM (right when I had intended to go to bed), my boyfriend gets a message on his Blackberri. He's sleeping. I'm curious, as it's 3 AM in the morning (no one ever really messages us that late), so I check into it. (Keep in mind I don't normally pry open his messages and we both trust each other. We also answer each other cellphones as we both don't have a home phone.)

Anyway, it turns out to be a message from one of his best friends, and it said simply this;

"Hey. Thanks for being such a good friend to me. Sorry buddy. Goodbye."

Instantly (having been trained in suicide prevention), I wake my boyfriend up in a panic!

"Hey…he just sent us a weird message. It sounds suicidal. I do NOT like it."

"Relax. He's probably just drunk. It's 3 AM."

So I decide to message him on my cellphone. I say; "Hey, everything OK?" He says simply; "No." I state; "What's wrong?" He doesn't respond for 10 minutes. I then say, "If you're planning on offing yourself, DON'T!" He responds; "Sorry…" Then says; "Goodbye."

At the same time, my boyfriend is messaging him, saying; "WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?" And gets responses like; "My new computer. You can have it." Also gets messages from him like; "Sorry man, you'll see what I mean tomorrow, goodbye." Anyway, he stops messaging my boyfriend.

I say, "I'm calling the police."

I did. I had tears in my eyes. The police asked his address and name. I gave it them. He soon called us within 45 minutes to tell us that he was OK, that he had just fallen asleep, and that he was going to the hospital.

We're confused but relieved. The next day, while heading to the camping place, he messages us, saying things like; "Um..you didn't have to call the police", and "4 of them charged through the door, they told me they were going to arrest me for a few days", and "My grandparents thought they were too loud" and also; "Don't worry, I have friends in high places!"

I was relieved to find out he was getting professional help, but apparently, his 'friends in high places' bailed him out. He told me to 'call his Mom next time'. (Apparently, he thinks it's totally normal to call a mother I seldom speak to and neither know her name nor number.)

Anyway. I think I did the right thing, If he was lying about the whole suicidal thing I don't care … at least he'll never do it again. I bet he crapped himself when the police came into the door. I'm glad they actually accepted my call and acted quickly, though my friend made it look like they were going to arrest him. (I'm fairly certain that's a lie. Jail is no place for a potentially suicidal person to go to.) I'm frustrated with him. But you know what? I'm glad I did it. What if he had done it? Was he just embarassed? I cared. And I acted. I hope one day he getst he help he needs.

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  1. Missdysfunctional 12 years ago

    I think You did the right thing by calling the police. Hopefully he gets the help he needs.

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