i need some advice,,my mom had an operation last week,,shes gonna be ok..that being said ,shes 70 yrs old.her friends are getting older and her brother is really sick..ok that being said, my mom was always a screemer growing up yelling high strung etcc,,on the other side she has always been their for me from taking me to hospitals when i was 7 yrs old to find out wht the "social issues were" back then the mental health system wasnt what it is today.so she was nervous about that and she was so supportive thru my life..when i couldent work anymore she helped me with bills etc "but their was a price for that lol"i helped take care of her in the hospital and did all i could…now shes home and lives 15 min away from me,i see her mabey once a week but she calls everyday.i have put her thru alot in my life but i have been thru alot.anyway hes always been opinionated like myself.but shes just cranky.nasty and like a child latley..i helped her so much and shehas been yelling at me,being nasty.impatient..just being real bitchy..she also never says how she really feels its always im ok..aanyway she called the other day and she was so nasty and i never curse at her never.but i said why the fuk are u being so nasty……then out of the blue she said :my brother is in the hosp/.but she never told me that..i dont like when peopl,e say thats the way she is ,or she had a bad day.or its your mother!!i hate the excuse when somone acts like an ass and people say "thats just them" f those excuses.well i havent spoken to her in like 4 days an when she calls ill demand and apoloogy she will proablly turn it around on me but ill stand my ground,,thank god i dont have to depend on her…it may sound that im unthankful but im not


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