This anxiety has been getting to much to bare lately. Im so tense right now its not even funny. Last night was bad and tonight is not as bad yet but is still pretty bad.I freaking hate anxiety. Im making a doctors appointment for tuesday to see if there is anything eles they can do to help. my anxiety meds help sometimes but not all the time. Why do we have to deal with anxiety and when we have a pain it freaks us out or when something doesnt feel right it freaks us out??? Why cant we be able to have a normal life of no fear and not feeling how we do and why cant people understand how we feel and what we go through instead of judging us like we are freaking me and my ex are finally on good talking terms because he got rid of the mental now ex gf. He and my boyfriend have been trying to help me with my anxiety. my ex has been trying to talk to me n calm me down because he knows how bad it is but he doesnt realize how bad it has gotten. My boyfriend tries to be there and talk to me about it but he doesnt fully understand he knows im not crazy but its like hard. i wish my bf was here with me right now laying in bed cuddling with me. Its my sons birthday today and I do not want this damn anxiety to ruin it. He is gonna be 3 and these are the best years of his little life. he is my world and i want to be around for him for a very long time and just the thought of not being there for him hurts like hell and not being there for my family and my bf n pets. I need a higher dosage of my meds and something to help me relax. its so hard sometimes and i truely hate feeling like this, i want some help and dont know what to do anymore.

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  1. angelmichelle019 11 years ago

    I have no insurance to go see a therapist. I wish I did. I made an appointment for my doctor for tomorrow at 1:30 pm and hopefully they will be able to help me. Its hard for me to stay calm when im having bad pains and I dont feel right and it makes me freak out even more

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