THe other day I went to the casino with my mom, she paid for everything and I happen to come home with $20 which was good considering I had none when I left. So I had gotten home around 6 am so I slep til about 11 am. THe first thing I do when I get up is go say good morning to my grandkids every day. So when I went over there it was about lunch time and Zakkery has bwwn so sick he lost alot of weight but recently started eating again. So I asked him if he wanted to eat, and he yelled EAT NANA EAT!!! So I know it wasn't the healthiest choice but McDonalds is a couple blocks down so I went and got him a cheeseburger and small fries, put it into this little bag and back home I went. I walked in with the bag and Zakkerys eyes lit up! Then he carefully walked over to me, I handed him the bag and he got wide eyed then he sat it on the couch and open the back and screamed WOOOOO and started laughing and turned around and started talking to me, he still speaks jiiberish but he looked at me put a fry in his mouth and said mmmmmmmm. He has a tray that he sits up to to eat, so he grabbed his tray sat it where he wanted it grabbed his bag sat at his tray and ate, before I left he said Thank you. I love my grandbabies. Zakkery just tickles my heart. Angeline is still small but she is smiling now and when she hears my voice she breaks out wth this huge smile. I am very grateful for my grandbabies. I am so glad they are mine!

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    Apple71 12 years ago

    He is so funny sometimes he shakes his finger at me and says No no no no no! and when I am leaving he says yie yie, he only has the b down when he says Bubba which is how he says dog. My daughters dog is named Bubba, mine is named Tiny, and he calls Tiny bubba as well and dogs in books he calls bubba.

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